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About Us

startup woman, business startup advice The highly developed Israeli high-tech industry plays a key role in Israel’s growing economy. Every year, some 450 new startups are founded, annually seeking to raise some 2 billion NIS in the capital.

Nevertheless, only a fragment, 1%, of all entrepreneurs succeeds in establishing a stable, steadfast start-up company. Founding and managing any business, and particularly a start-up business, requires a broad range of competencies, extensive knowledge, careful thought regarding the business idea, and investigating funding possibilities. Lack of knowledge, readiness, or experience may bring a project to its knees.

Undoubtedly, this great opportunity draws many entrepreneurs, all of whom aspire to have their ventures appear among the list of the most successful start-up companies ever established in Israel. Many tend to think that the key to their success lies in the uniqueness and innovation of their idea, but few are the companies that succeeded due to a brilliant idea. In fact, the key to success lies in identifying a good solution to an existing problem.

Mati Holon, and Mati Ma’alot Tel-Aviv-Jaffa offer you conveniently priced expert, objective, and reliable consulting in addition to professional tools. Some of the services offered are fully subsidized by the Ministry of Aliyah and Immigrant Absorption.
If you own a start-up venture or a business, we will be happy to set an initial consultation and help to promote your business.