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The vision of Tal Or – Mati Startup Mentor CEO

TalI’m thrilled to have been given the opportunity to realize a vision of Zionist entrepreneurship. This new initiative, driven by the Ministry of Aliyah and Immigrant Absorption, brings together all of those elements that comprise the Israeli Vision, as coined by the author of bestselling Start-up Nation. The vision, however, is not limited to native Israelis alone, but open to and shared by new immigrants from all corners of the world who come to materialize their life’s dream here, in Israel.

I find the combination of Israeli experience and skill with the richness and cultural background of the new immigrants, a winning duo.

Here, at Mati’s Startup Mentor Center immigrant entrepreneurs are offered a personal and close mentorship by experienced experts, who are themselves veteran Israeli entrepreneurs.

Our workshops and courses are not academic or theoretical. Rather, they aim to enhance and upgrade the current ventures of the entrepreneurs we cater. They offer practical application where knowledge and experience are assimilated in the start-up’s operations, as it matures. They allow start-up ventures to reach their goal and advance in their developmental stages: from the point of a conceptual idea to the foundation of a company, raising capital, developing the product, business development, and sales to the point where the company stands on its own stable feet.

Tal Or, CEO