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Funds and grants

To facilitate the founding of your company or its expansion, several loans are offered for these specific goals by designated funds for small and medium businesses. These are characterized by low security demands, convenient repayment period, and favorable interest rates.

Mati Startup Mentor Center offers assistance in preparing grant requests designated for submission with the Tnufa, und, the governmental fund for technological ventures, as well as the preparation of a business plan for the purpose of loan procurement.
To watch 25  start-up  fundraising related videos click the link below

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Following is a selection of fund loans available for founding or expanding businesses:

Fund Name Eligibility Loan ceiling (NIS) Interest and linkage Return period in months
israeli innovation authority-click here
State guarantees Established businesses
with an annual turnover greater than 6.25 million NIS
8% of annual turnover Up to prime + 3.5% Up to 60
State guarantees Small businesses – founding and expanding 500,000 Up to prime + 3.5% Up to 60
State guarantees express route Small businesses – founding and expanding 100,000 Up to prime + 3.5% Up to 60
Free Loan Association-Keren Ogan New and established businesses 90,000 Without interest or linkage Up to 45
New York New immigrants 300,000 Prime + 0.6% Up to 72